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Laboratory Accessories



Sinks are made from the highest chemical resistant material available in the market today. Various options are available as per requirement of the lab and the worktops used.

Polypropylene Sink
Epoxy Sink
Stainless Steel Sink
Drip cups (Epoxy/ PP)


These valves are made in forged brass body with brass internals and spindles with moulded plastic knob in coded colours as per international norms.
3-Way Water Standout
1-Way Water Standout
1-Way Gas standout
2-Way Gas Standout
2-Way Gas Outlet-Dropdown


Electrical fittings such as sockets and switches complete with internal wiring. Electrical fittings are mounted on electrical trunking. Electrical trunking will be in powder coated Aluminium or plastic construction as per requirement. Telephone/ Data sockets also can be accommodated on the electrical Trunking as required.


Detailed specifications available on request

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